Our Collections

Nimmi has been the creative force behind every Diya Design since we opened began our business.  Our collections originate in Nimmi’s imagination and she frequently draws inspiration from her upbringing in India as well as current fashion trends found in the United States and around the world.   The result is a line of unique necklace, bracelet and earring pieces mixing sterling silver, 14 and 18k electroplate gold, semi-precious stones, leather, bone, suede, titanium, Swarovski crystal or glass beads.  Each piece is handcrafted in either our Washington D.C. studio or, in the case of our Shirley Collection, in the hands of our artisans in Rajastan, India.

We offer our jewelry in different collections:

The Diya Couture Collection: Diya Design’s extraordinary, one of a kind jewelry pieces are found in our Diya Couture Collection.  Each piece in this collection is unique, like its wearer.

The Nimmi Collection: Rare and beautiful, each design in our Nimmi Collection is limited to no more than 5 – 7 pieces.  This ensures that each piece is uncommon yet not out of reach.

The Shirley Collection: We named our Shirley Collection in honor of our Founder’s beloved sister, Shirley.  Nimmi and Shirley collaborated to bring their Shirley Collection to life. Nimmi designed each piece and Shirley worked with our artisans in Rajastan, India, to execute the final result.

The Rachelle Collection: Diya Designs loves beautiful jewelry even if it didn’t start out in our own creative minds.  Our CEO, Rachelle, is pleased to offer her collection of unique and handcrafted resale items to our Diya Designs customers.

Custom Collection: We love to bring our customers’ ideas to life!  Through our custom collection, our customers are able to specific exactly what they’d like in their own jewelry.

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